Friday, June 24, 2011

The Hwang's and the Parsons' Family Pictures

Tony and Adrianna were in the same BYU ward as me and John when we first met. John served with Tony when he was the Elder's Quorum President in that ward. They also played Ultimate together and John stole Tony's keys (hahaha!). I remember seeing Tony and Adrianna long boarding down 700 East in front of the Chelsea apartments when they were dating. Now they're married and have sweet Ollie!

I think we'll be buying ourselves a Sofie giraffe after seeing how much Oliver loved his.  We need some toys to get kids' attention and that one is pretty cute!


Adrianna said...

These are great Melinda! Thanks so much and a big shout out to John for his antics to get Oliver to smile. He did a great job!! We had so much fun with you two and we'd love to do this again the next time we want family pictures!

Melinda said...

So glad you liked them! We'd love to do it again anytime!