Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Student Once More

I signed up for my photograhpy class at SLCC yesterday! Apparently I read the catalog wrong and instead of Photo Techniques and Equipment, I'm supposed to take Photo II.  So, that's my class.  My old teacher from Photo I, Whitney Hyans, is teaching this course.  It will be nice to have a familiar instructor.

In related news, my new camera is coming today! It's a Mamiya 645 AF.  I don't use auto focus, but not having to manually wind the film will be so nice! Also, it's light and will be a lot less awkward to handle than my older model. I already have a few lenses (a 1.9 80mm from John, and a 2.8 80mm, and 300mm handed down to me by my uncle) so it seemed like the most economical choice for a newer medium format camera.

All this though seems very far away.  Students get onery at this time of year and, as a fellow teacher put it, I start feeling more like a prison guard than an educator. I also have that dreaded test looming before me.  I did finish studying the chemistry and physics sections and am elated to be going onto the life science. 

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holtkamp said...

woohoo! good luck in your last couple weeks of school! :) see you soon!