Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011: Goshen Pond

Last Memorial Day we went to Antelope Island, so when John and Angelica told us they wanted to do something adventurous on Monday, it just seemed fitting.  We headed out to Goshen Ponds in Santaquin and were happy to find that the trespassing signs were gone (or spray painted over, or shot up, or in Spanish) so we were no longer in fear of the police.  It was a perfect day to be outside. It was green with wild flowers sprinkled around, there was blue sky with a few clouds, muskrats in the water, and cedar wax wings in the trees.  No one fell in any body of water this time.  Angelica is such a trooper and I'm so impressed that she hikes and treks in nature even though she is pregnant.  I want to be strong like her! We refueled after with lots of naan, lassi, and good food at India Palace. I think outdoor adventure may turn into our Memorial Day tradition.

John also wanted to say that he took these pictures.  All the digital pictures (except the product shots and the ones with him) are taken by him.  He just thought he'd let you know.


holtkamp said...

goshen looks nice! i've never ventured south. nice pics john :)

Emily said...

Cool place and pictures! On a side note, I REALLY like your new website!!

Jen said...

This looks really fun! If I had known you guys were getting together, I would have loved to have joined you. Good thing summer's almost here!