Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life has been full of . . .

  • Cooking - I try to make a home cooked meal 5 days a week.  I haven't been so dedicated to this during the last couple of weeks.
  • Studying - The state government suddenly doesn't believe I am smart enough to do my job so I am honored to pay a large sum to take yet another PRAXIS test.  I am not good at physics, even though John is a patient teacher.  I felt stupid that I didn't know that a magnetic field can induce an electrical current and I was reminded of how much I actually did like free body diagrams back in the day. Yes, I am bitter about this whole test.
  • YW - Lacrosse games, mutual activities, preparing lessons to teach on Sunday. 
  • Cleaning - went to San Diego for a week and left John to take charge of the house. Enough said.
  • Sleeping - I've been addicted to 3+ hour naps after getting home from work this week.  This has resulted in dinner being eaten at 10:30pm.  I am determined to break this cycle that seems to have been induced by early morning church.
  • Shopping - for John! Usually it's like pulling teeth, but he needed a new suit (old one got a hole in it), new white dress shirts (holes in the collar), and jeans (holes again).  John literally will wear his clothing to tatters.  The suit that wore through was purchased the year he got back from his mission.  It was 10 years old.
  • Grading -I hate grading.
Things I wish life were full of right now:
  • Sun
  • Summer
  • Picture taking excursions
Things to look forward to:
  • The last day of school - 14 days left!
  • Pictures for John and Mary Jensen this weekend. They're expecting twins!
  • John's birthday and birthday dinning
  • Maybe a new camera


    holtkamp said...

    i was just thinking this morning when you guys were going to write another post :) how often do you have to take the praxis test?

    i love you and your naps mel. you have a funny sleeping schedule sometimes :)

    Emily said...

    You are super busy! I'd love to hear about what you cook and your new camera. :)

    Melinda said...

    @Jen Teachers in UT are supposed to only have to take two Praxis exams in their life as a teacher. One (content area, in my case Biology) is taken in college before you can graduate and get your teaching license and the other (Principles of Teaching and Learning) during your first three years. Under No Child Left Behind, the state government decided that all science teachers in middle school that didn't have an endorsement in the physical sciences (geology, physics, chemistry, astronomy) weren't "highly qualified". In other words, they're making me prove my proficiency in subjects I'll never teach. And sorry, that was a long answer!

    holtkamp said...

    the more i hear about 'no child left behind' the more ridiculous it sounds.

    Kristen said...

    Boo to Praxis and hooray for the 3 hour naps (on's a bad habit for me as well) John sounds like Dan in the clothing department. We actually bought his suit in a tricky way...we registered for really expensive wedding silverware and returned it all for a new suit and clothes for him!

    Melinda said...

    @Emily, I'm getting a used medium format camera. The older one I have is all manual. The film uptake is a winding knob that has to be cranked, so I wanted something that might be a little faster and that has a faster shutter speed.
    @Kristen, I love your suit buying tactic!