Monday, May 23, 2011

John is Already Old

We went out for John's birthday on Saturday finally! These are the pictures John took. We wandered around Provo Canyon for a couple hours reveling in the nature and warm weather (and me in a pencil skirt, ha!) and then had dinner at The Foundry Grill. My favorite part of the meal was the crispy calamari salad with lemon vinaigrette, a desire which was inspired by the upcoming squid dissection lab I will be doing with my class. John's was the caramel apple pie with caramel ice cream. I love Sundance! Could I just live up there in the mountains instead of our dry desert suburbia?Yes, that is a moose!


Emily said...

Happy birthday John! Love the pictures- especially the first one. I am not sure I agree with you about calamari. Dissecting sea creatures in marine biology summer school the summer before fourth grade helped turn me off from seafood.

holtkamp said...

ha, ha, i thought it was a skinny donkey! :) i guess i've never seen a moose in real life to compare it to. caramel apple pie sounds amazing!

Jen said...

These pictures are awesome! Glad you guys had a fun time!