Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter in San Diego



John's main Christmas present to me was a plane ticket to San Diego to see my family. It was so fun to be back! Easter is so much more lively with kids around.  I had fun seeing Leah smiling over her candy and the Easter Bunny gave Lauren caviar (?). My parents invited some friends from church to eat with us so we had a very large crowd.  I made 3 batches of rolls which made me feel like a super baker.  I'm only sad that I had to leave the next day and didn't get to glut myself on the leftovers.

We attempted a family picture but we took it too late, had a sketchy tripod, and didn't have anyone directing us.  In other words, it was terrible. Due to the overcast sky and late hour, the shutter speed was 1/4 second and some of us were moving too much which resulted in lots of blur. Next time, next time.

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