Friday, May 27, 2011


 Lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

Grape Hyacinths ( Muscari racemosum)


Snow ball bush (Viburnum opulus)

I took a field botany course with Dr. Furnace at BYU during my undergrad days.  It was one of the few classes where I got a perfect score on my final.  The final consisted of identifying 100 plants by genus and species as the professor pointed at them on an hour long walk around Provo.  I loved that class and have a much deeper love for all greenery because of it.


Emily said...

These are gorgeous- especially the lilacs! Congrats on your PERFECT score!!

Sutherland Family said...

Caitlin took that class and loved it!! She may have also gotten a perfect score on the final. She may even be in your same major - Biological Science Education. Any words of advice?

These are absolutely beautiful photos. I would frame them and hang them on my wall :).

Melinda said...

@Sis. Sutherland that would be awesome if Caitlin were in the same major! I don't know if I have any specific advice, but having a good mentor teacher while you student teach is very helpful. Does she plan on teaching in Utah?

Sutherland Family said...

Melinda, she doesn't plan to teach in Utah. Her husband will probably be attending graduate school in Arizona, beginning Fall 2012. She may even have to do her student teaching in Arizona. I'll talk to her and see if she has any questions for you...I'm sure it would be helpful. I'll let you know. Thanks!