Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York


While I was in San Diego, my mom really wanted to take me to see this movie.  It is a documentary about the original master of street fashion photography and the one of the inspirations of the Sartorialist.  We made a girl's night of it with my sister Michelle, sister-in-law Beth, and my nieces Lauren and Leah.  It was so inspiring! All the girls liked his fashion advice.  I loved that Bill still uses an old 35mm all manual film camera and stores all his negatives in a mass of filing cabinets in his little apartment.

One of the things I was most impressed with was how humbly Bill lives despite his impressive work for the Times.  I assumed that a fashion photographer would be caught up in the high life of New York, but he is so humble and keeps himself apart from the materialism and aggressive status climbing of the city.  In the documentary he was always smiling, had a bed that consisted of a mattress on wooden planks, wore a street sweeper's jacket from the drugstore, and ate $2.99 sandwich lunches. He kind of epitomizes living in the world without being of the world, something I want to be better at.

Photo source: IMDb


holtkamp said...

oh wow, i'd never heard of him. he sounds awesome though. always nice to hear about famous humble people :)

Angie said...

another film to add to my to-watch list. sounds awesome!