Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Hopes & Dreams

This weekend, more than anything, I want to 1. Relax and finish reading Jane Eyre 2. Be outdoors 3. Take lots of pictures! My fingers are itching to feel the glide of the focus ring and the satisfying clack of my shutter.  I am envisioning my summer roaming about the valleys and mountains of Utah with my butterfly nets and cameras, collecting plant samples, and taking breaks to slurp up a Mexican popsicle or two. I really want to take another photo class at SLCC.  My goal is to take all the required classes for a photo major over the next few years. The next class in line is photo equipment and techniques.  The class description is as follows:

"Introduces students to medium format, large format and high-end digital camera equipment; hot and strobe lighting equipment; lighting modulators; and the film, and computer equipment required to create imagery."

It sounds awesome! 


Kristen said...

That is so great - I love that shutter sound too! I would love to take some Photoshop classes - I should look into that.

Emily said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'd love to take some photography classes. I actually contribute to a photography blog. You should too! You can contact CK (her email is on the sidebar) if you're interested.

Kali said...

Im jealous. I would love to take a photography class!! Sounds 100% delightful.

P.S. How are you liking Jane Eyre. Never read it but came across it the other day and was tempted to pick it up.

whitney allison said...

Sounds awesome!

Melinda said...

Kali, I'm loving Jane Eyre! I kicking myself for not reading it sooner. If you like classics, romance, or strong female protagonists, I think you'd like it too! There are so many passages that I love and I have a list of page numbers jotted down in the back of my book.