Monday, April 25, 2011


The weather in San Diego was lovely the whole trip which made the outdoors very enticing.  On Saturday, Michelle and I took the nieces to hunt for tadpoles at the Steve Allison Park (aka La Tortola), a favorite childhood pastime of ours. We were hoping for larger "fatty daddies" but were happy with the tree frog tadpoles we were able to find.  Beth also made us a fantastic net out of duct tape, mesh screen, and a broom stick. Now, let's see if the nieces can keep these guys alive to adulthood. 

A couple of these are a little underexposed.  I need to get out and shoot people more. 


holtkamp said...

good luck on your new friends! i hope you won't place too much affection on them and forget about your dog! :)

Kali said...

Fun!! This is a favorite past-time for me:)