Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mt. Carmel Volley Ball

My nephew is attending my Alma mater, Mt. Carmel, and playing for the JV boys volley ball team.  That referee on the right was a stinker! So many bad calls! I can totally see myself as one of those argumentative parents at my future children's sports events. My nephew, Thaddy, is the one in the white; the team's libero.  He did a great job and even sacrificed his head in one rally as he dove/slid straight into the bleachers!

Watching the game brought back good memories.  I miss those MacDonald's colored uniforms! Back in the day when we played Rancho Bernardo high for soccer or track, the rumor was always that everyone took steroids at that school because the kids there just seemed so abnormally larger and faster than everyone else.  My sister tells me our school was known in the district as being full of pot heads. . . high school . . .

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holtkamp said...

fight on for mt. carmel, sundevil gold and scarlet....? ;)