Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grandpa Nishimoto's Harmonica

When my grandfather passed away, the one possession of his that I desired as a keepsake was his old harmonica.  Grandpa worked for the sugar cane factory and  as a fisherman in Lahaina.  I like to imagine him playing after a long day in the fields or on the boat while eating peanuts and throwing seeds to the birds in the shade of the carport.  He used to play his harmonica for my me and my sister when we were little. The second harmonica belonged to my great Uncle Masa. I've been compiling photos (old and new), along with audio and video that I took of my grandparents before they passed away.  I'm hoping to give a DVD of these files to my mother and my uncle for the Buddhist one year memorial ceremony this month.

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Emily said...

So cool! And what a great project! Everyone will love it.