Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You had me at hyaluronic spheres.

The Trish MacEvoy blush I've had since my wedding (4 and a half years ago) finally bit the dust last week.  It was free, so it was no real loss, but they no longer make the color.  I always find my new make-up by consulting the In-Style top beauty picks that the magazine publishes annually.  Nars was listed as the number one blush so I made a trip to the mall to pick one up.  I decided on the Deep Throat shade. John informed me that the name is a reference to an old school porn movie. He is truly the fount of random knowledge.

While at the Nars counter, the sales girl mentioned a new product, the Velvet Lip Gloss Crayon, that had recently arrived. After she told me it was super hydrating, trying it on and witnessing the curious gel/solid consistency, I was sold.  It is my new favorite! I'm slightly obsessed with it.  I have the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, but this is easier for everyday use as it is more sheer and wears off more evenly than the previously mentioned product.  Oh yeah, and it supposedly has thousands of moisturizing hyaluronic spheres. I think she just wanted to say that to sound cool.

Source: Nars

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Tara said...

Doesn't Deep Throat refer to being a spy too? What does that say about your make-up?