Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Too Many Pencils

Can one have too many pencil skirts? I ask this because I'm finding a lot that I love and that fit like a glove.  Pencils are such a nice silhouette.  They're slimming, sophisticated, classic, and look good on a variety of figures.  Longer pencils are hitting the look books this year and I'm liking those too, although I'm wondering if they pose a problem for walking normally, i.e. not waddling or moving like you have bound feet.  Here are a couple that I spied recently:

There are some cute dresses out too, it's just that I need sleeves on mine and the majority of the spring/summer wear lacks this necessity.  I could always do the cardi deal, but I'm so finicky about temperature and I get claustrophobic having to keep an extra layer on when I'm sweating underneath.

*Skirts by Anthropologie


Emily said...

I have yet to buy a pencil skirt. I need one though. :) I like your picks. I'm also concerned about not being able to walk normally. And I dislike relying solely on a cardi b/c I want to take it off if I'm hot and some sleeveless dresses look weird with shirts underneath them.

holtkamp said...

ooh, if something fits so well it's hard not to get! i think i'm too short for most pencil skirts, but since you are SO tall mel i think they look good on you! :)

molly said...

I am a believer that there is no such thing as too many pencil skirts! Especially on PYTs, like you.