Thursday, March 31, 2011

John Nash's Birthday

We are going to miss John and Angelica when they head out to Jordan this fall. It was supposed to be Egypt, but you know what happened there already.  In the meantime, we enjoyed celebrating with them in Springville. Here is a mixture of our pictures from the party. I've been reluctant to post because I'm not having good times with this roll Kodak Portra.  Anyway, Happy Birthday John Nash!

Ranchero carne asada. Finger lickin' good!

Fruit plate I made for the birthday dinner.  Raspberries are obviously NOT in season, but I bought them anyway for the color and boy did I pay the price.  They caused some serious puckering.

It rained during the party.  On the way over a bolt of  lighting scared a herd of horses and they started running across the field in the weird dark orange storm light.  It was beautiful.

This is bound to be Angelica's favorite picture.


holtkamp said...

that's my favorite picture of the nashes!!! :)

A.S.H said...

That is wrong!! Mel you should at least put up the other one. What can I say John brings the best out of me...

Melinda said...

It was totally John's idea! I'm innocent! But, the picture of you from the dinner is super cute! That is some kind of redemption, right?