Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The First Day of Spring is March 20th!

March is one of my favorite months.  Not only is it the month of my birthday, but the mere mention of the word makes my mind conjure up images of a lush Irish countryside (although I've never been) with wild ponies running across verdant fields. Right now this is what I'm thinking about:
  • I'm so happy for the blasted months of January and February to end.
  • Steel cut oats.  
  • Parent teacher conferences are over! Oodelay-O!
  • Nars' new velvet lip gloss pencil in Happy Days. It makes me happy.
  • New camera for night shots.
  •  Film to play with: the new Kodak Portra and Ilford Delta 3200. I still like my Portra 400 NC the best.  Too bad they are discontinuing it.
  • Hoping to take more medium format pictures!
  • The yearly Tucanos and Anthro birthday discounts. Mmmm, grilled pineapple! I also learned that if you buy something at Sephora during the month of your birthday you get a free 8 oz. Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel with your beauty insider card.
  • Loving my new calling in Young Women. I really feel like I belong here.
  • Teaching my favorite units to my 7th graders. We get to discuss animals, play games and watch Plant Earth.
  • I like pico. A lot. I've made Angelica's version of it several times this month.
  • We watched the Romantics.  That movie was not filmed well.  It was just OK.
  • We've been celebrating my Aunty Meg's 90th birthday at Cafe Trio, John Nash's birthday with the most delicious carne asada I've ever eaten, and the birth of JP and Brian's little Isaiah. 
  • My cousin, Steve Yagi, found a restaurant in Salt Lake with a secret Filipino food menu.  One of the desserts is ginataan! They also have Halo-halo. I have missed tropical fruits such as jackfruit, mango, plantains, coconut, and pink guava.


holtkamp said...

i'm excited for spring too! (even though i love my short birthday month!) we should plan a trip to the irish countryside since all we saw was dublin, but i'm not complaining...

how'd you like cafe trio? that's by dave's house right? if so, i went there once and really liked it.

Melinda said...

Yes! We should go to the Irish countryside some day together! We really liked Cafe Trio. We did go to the one near Dave's house. We got kind of lost trying to find it. I ordered ravioli with this butternut squash puree cream sauce and it was delicious! I definitely want to go back there soon!

Emily said...

Spring is the best!! :) How do you get an Anthro birthday discount? I'm excited for your birthday and your new camera.

Melinda said...

I think you just make an account online on their site to get the birthday discount. I think Shabby Apple has a similar discount too!