Friday, March 18, 2011

The Few Remaining

These men that have stayed behind at the Daiichi nuclear plant are true heroes.  John commented that this may sadly be one of the few times in recent history when engineers and other scientists are recognized for their efforts to help the world. While Jimmer or whatever recent sports star may receive all the limelight, the engineers are the ones who really deserve it.  I cannot imagine what strength and courage these men must have to stay behind while others have fled, leaving family and friends to try and save the lives of a nation. We still haven't heard of the condition of our cousins in Tokyo, but have been reading about the mass exudous from the Capital. The Latter Day Saint Church has a donation site for Japan. If you live in Utah, the Japanese club at BYU will also be doing a series of activities to help raise money to donate to the church fund. You can follow the events through their facebook group.

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holtkamp said...

thanks for sharing that story, i hadn't heard about that! and you're right, they are the true heros. it's sad how we americans seem to idolize ridiculous celebrities/reality tv stars rather than people who actually deserve the credit.