Monday, February 14, 2011

We're not in California Anymore . . . and other randomness

  • The area where I live in Utah is so strangely different from the environment where I grew up.  For example, kids talk about going to mutual in class.  Books for silent reading include Tennis shoes among the Nephites and Pres. Monson's new biography.  The Oquirrh Mountain temple is perfectly framed out the main windows of the school.  There are also other things that are very different: a strong political polarization to the extreme right, according to another teacher, a large Klan membership (yep, that's Klan with a K as in the KKK), and polygamy is alive and kicking.
  • We're babysitting a friend's Boston Terrier this month! We're so excited to borrow a pet! 
  • I get to talk about genetic disorders this week. One of my favorite Biology topics. 
  • My new, used camera will be delivered this week and there is a new shipment of the new Portra 400 film expected at pictureline this week. I finally finished my roll of film and will be developing it today.
  • Happy Valentine's Day! We're celebrating on Saturday to avoid crowds, give us more time to put stuff together, and to give my throat sometime to heal.


ellen said...

Never saw the Klan in Cali.

holtkamp said...

utah is definitely a unique place, huh?! in some ways good, in some ways too odd.

you guys are pet-sitting?! - maybe it'll convince you to get a dog too!