Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hot Springs

If you've gone to school at the BYU you may know that there are certain activities that are an unspoken rite of passage.  Some of these include the following:
  • The rope swing in Mona
  • Holi Fest/Festival of Colors at the Hari Krishna Temple
  • Floating down the Provo River 
  • Hiking to the hot pots in Spanish Fork
I've been to the hot springs once, but I really want to go during the winter.  I think it would be amazing to relax in warm water while snow lays on the ground and an ice cold river rushes by next to you.  Even though I have an intense disgust toward most species of monkeys, these Japanese Macaques at the hot springs in Nagano have it down.

We were talking about earthquakes in the faculty room at lunch and started on the topic of how fault lines can sometimes indicated that there are hot springs in an area.  Since there were small earth quakes a few weeks ago in Lehi and Saratoga Springs, and because of the name Saratoga Springs, we were all curious as to if there were hot springs near by.  Sure enough, with the help of google, we *found some! Another nice thing is that they're easy to get to and not on private property.   I know what we're going to be doing soon! Nature bathing here I come!

Click on picture for source.
*This whole site has some fabulous places to check out for outdoor Utah adventure.


Emily said...

Cool! Somehow I missed out on that list- could be the no car issue. . . . (and I guess no friends with cars)

Melinda said...

Don't worry! I've only done two of those things. Not having a car would definitely contribute to that. None of us had cars either until my last year. We were big fans of the UTA

holtkamp said...

yeah, i think we had that scheduled memorized for all the provo buses and the express one that went to slc!

remember when you, geli and i all fell asleep on the bus?!