Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot Dog

We get to babysit our neighbor's Boston Terrier this week! I am very excited to have a temporary pet since Bella boo is gone now.  Be prepared for future dog pictures.  These ones are from back in the summer of Michelle's min pin, Pinky and Lisa's cavalier King Charles spaniel, Zoey.  I was wanting a French Bulldog after watching the trailer for Due Date, but my sister then informed me that Martha Stewart's Frenchie recently bit her in the face. 

Also, speaking of dogs, Jed's new book is debuting this week! Another amazing Henry classic to add to the bookshelf for our future children.


angie said...

wow--love the second shot. you do such a good job with film!

holtkamp said...

i'm excited for you guys! maybe you'll get a little puppy too :)

Kristen said...

A King Cavalier!!!! That is the dog we are looking to buy! I need info from your friend who owns one - I can't find any breeders in Utah so a trip to CA might be in order...they cost a pretty penny but I think they are so pretty!