Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fake Valentine's Day

I was reading on someone's tumblr recently and it was suggested that the perfect Valentine's gift for a very stylish gentleman would be a monogrammed pocket square.  I pitched the idea to John and his face immediately wrinkled up in disgust.  "Who would want to waste their money on that!" was his reply, "Gross!"

So no pocket squares for Bobby John this year.  What did he receive instead? Only the cat's meow of nerdom.  Not one, but TWO fantasy books whose titles contain words like Dragon and Dark Lord or something like that.

We did little, inexpensive gifts for each other this year.  John's gift to me were my favorite Moleskine notebooks. He got one to be used as a journal and the other for sketching.  I always have a sketch book by my bed and I was getting super sick of my current journal - a red velvet discount book from the front of Borders.  The recycled pulp inside it would make me cringe every time pen touched paper.This will be so much better!

He even included some of his own art work and mistakenly made me a man in one of the pictures.

We celebrated our Valentine's day several days late, hence Fake Valentine's, because things were just too crazy during the week to do much.  I also had a gross cough and Pink Eye contracted from a careless student. In other words their careless parents who sent them to school contagious. On Fake Valentine's we went to Sam Weller's bookstore (typical us kind of date) read this awesome book, browsed steamy pulp fiction, enjoyed Austrian photography magazines, and gazed longingly at the many old hardbacks.  Afterward we headed to Em's for deliciousness.


As always, my film pictures will be coming as soon as I finish up the rolls.  And can I tell you how liberating 3200 ISO film is? I can't believe I haven't used this before! No more giant flash to lug around in my bag!


holtkamp said...

dave wanted a pocket square for christmas... i like john's sketch! it reminded me of some pictures you used to draw in middle/high school :)

Emily said...

Love that picture of you!

Melinda said...

Thanks Emily!
@Jen Dave is stylish! John hates shopping and anything to do with fashion. He until a year ago his closet was still filled with old, ill fitting shirts from high school. We had a big donation to DI last summer! Haha!