Friday, February 4, 2011


I've been wanting another camera for sometime now.  Originally I was inspired by several professionals who use range finder medium format film cameras and was leaning toward the Mamiya 7 II.  It has great reviews from everyone and it keeps haunting me by showing up in random photo shoots as a prop.  But, I just couldn't justify buying it yet for several reasons: 1. I haven't tried one out  2. I'm not a pro 3. The PRICE! 

John thinks the whole idea is ridiculous and tells me I need to stick with my old school Mamiya 645 super and that is enough medium format for one person.  I'm still so tempted though!

So, as I continue to save and practice, and hopefully make up my mind, I think I'm going to get a twin of my Pentax.  My plan is to have it loaded with BW film or Delta 3200 or the new Kodak Portra (under exposed 2 stops) to shoot with at night at all times.  That way I don't have to use my flash as much or worry about finishing a roll fast enough to change film for night exposures.

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