Monday, January 17, 2011


So here's what I mean about banding.

Exhibit A: a poorly developed negative from back in the day.  I shared a developing tank with another girl in my class and we didn't put enough chemicals in.  Hence you get that funny dark band on the left hand side. 

Exhibit B: a picture (shot on Ektar) that was developed at the local Walgreens.


To me it seems similar to the hazy, indistinct band on the BW.

Exhibit C: Here's another that is a little less obvious.  You can see the bands mostly in the sky.

And here are the digital artifacts.


The effect looks similar hard water mineral deposits crusting on the edges of objects. My favorite is the seagull which turned into a ghost. We think this may be a result of the scanner trying to balance the contrast from the banding and scratches.

The good news is that when we took my Pentax in there was nothing wrong! Super smiley face! In fact it's working wonderfully. On the other hand, the shop owner said there is probably something wrong with the developing machine at our local Walgreens. So much for cheap and convenient processing and scanning. There is another store about 15 minutes away, and although I know that is not very far, it feels like a great distance compared to the 3 minutes it took us to get to the other one.  Now I'm supposed to take a test roll and develop it at the other shop to see if the same problems occur.  I really wish I had an old film processor to take apart.  I know how to develop film by hand, but what occurs in the machine, mechanically speaking, mystifies me. The teenagers at the drug store aren't very savvy about their equipment (or photography for that matter) so they can't explain anything or realize when their machine is broken.

Speaking of camera shops, Kew's Camera is amazing! I highly recommend them for any camera repairs.  I always feel like I am in good hands when I walk into their store.  It's a ma and pa type of business and each time I've come in it's the owners themselves who have inspected my camera.  When I first received my Mamiya 645 a couple years ago, Mr. Kew offered to teach me how to use it.  He also inspected my two other cameras, suggested batteries, and didn't charge me a cent.  I don't know many places that are so helpful and honest.  I've been told that Forster's in Salt Lake is a good repair shop too, but the owners aren't often there.  You have to drop off your camera and then wait to be called to find out the problem.   So, even though Forster's is closer, we always go to Kew's.  They also used to sell cheap film cameras (the Pentax k1000 to be exact) and they may still, just in case you're interested.

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Emily said...

I really like that first picture! Too bad about the banding. I haven't had great experiences with Walgreens either (except that they print the pictures quickly). My colors are always washed out. The photo people aren't exactly experts either. I've had great prints from Snapfish and Target. I've had decent prints from Walmart. A lot of people like Costco and/or Sam's Club but there isn't a costco here and I don't want to join Sam's. ha. Kew's sounds like a great place!