Monday, January 24, 2011

Natural History

It rained a lot one day while we were in San Diego, so my mom planned some indoor activities for the family. First stop: Balboa park to see the Gem exhibit.

Michelle and Andre at the garden of the Prado where they were married several years ago.

Carousel music box egg. It was made of gold, ruby, mother of pearl and a lot of other gems. The top was lined with diamonds! It was like a giant Tiffany's eternity ring.

I don't really like jade, but loved this rabbit that was carved from it.

We like reptiles in our family. I think it's because my brothers used to have them as pets and catch them when Shel and I were little. We would tag along on excursions in the canyons.

Some film pictures with heavy banding, digital artifacts on John's eye, and a giant scratch. I didn't take the time to rescan them and fix them up because the banding was just too big of a pain to deal with.

My worst fear, although that's not me!

I made John take this picture because a dad was making his son (who strongly resembled Manny from Modern Family) take a picture with the same hunched and embarrassed pose in the same spot. It was great! Ah, the awkwardness of pre-teen years!

Afterward we headed to Mitsuwa for treats and then to dinner at Miguel's to enjoy the yummy Mexcian food, especially the creamy salsa.


holtkamp said...

that egg is awesome! i haven't been to balboa park in ages...maybe next time :)

Emily said...

hahahahaha. Love that picture of John and the bunny. :)