Monday, January 10, 2011


  1. Mangosteen Gummy Candy
  2. Strawberry Pocky
  3. Mini Sugar Crystal Candy
  4. High Chew-like Candies in Japanese soda flavors
  5. Sweet Potato Pucca (it was not delicious)
  6. Rice Crackers - I also got the spicy kind but ate them all
  7. Ramune in Strawberry Hello Kitty, Lychee, and Original with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl decorative bottle
  8. Favorite Pens
  9. Polka dot and stripe origami paper
  10. Not pictured - mochi for ozoni soup
I made my biannual stop at Mitsuwa for Japanese candy and stationary. They did not have any Fudge magazines though!I may have to order that from my mom.