Sunday, January 2, 2011

In the Morning

Film pics from Christmas with lots of banding and two digitals mixed in.

This was our gift to Leah. I almost bought one for myself.

John tries the dress I got from his mom.

For Lauren: lovebird salt and pepper shakers and a jeweled bird ring keeper.

We had berry crepes AND french toast for breakfast. What a feast! John made his famous cinnamon syrup.

I finally got to try on my dress.

Leah helped me make the rolls.

Christmas dinner: Lamb, honey baked ham. clams, funeral potatoes, Mary's cheesy carrots, baked carrots and parsnips, merry berry salad, and much more! For dessert there was red velvet cake and three different pies. John's favorite was Beth's apple pie.

Andre and Allison's annual dolphin gift exchange. Andre loves dolphins and thinks they're magical. Allison hates dolphins. She also despises chimps and pandas. Chimps because they're always dressed up in weird outfits and panda's because they get so much conservation pity and attention. I think she dislikes dolphins for similar reasons.


Emily said...

Fun! I love that dress! Glad I got to see you. That food looks/sounds amazing.

holtkamp said...

looks like a lovely (and delicious!) christmas! dolphins are cute, it looks like they're always smiling :)