Saturday, January 1, 2011

In the Evening

After tide pools it was a sushi and bento box dinner. I'm mixing my film pics with John's digitals if you can't tell.

My sister-in-law Beth has a tradition that she's passed on to her girls of opening presents from parents on Christmas eve. The "Santa presents" are unwrapped and saved for Christmas morning.

Leah got a build-a-bear My Melody

Lauren got some very cute clothes. Can you see the banding here? We think my shutter is broken :(

And then I indulged myself in one of my bad habits of trying on other people's stuff.

Even My Melody's shoes! Haha! No it actually looks gross!

My Dad was sick. Poor guy!

Lauren and I switched jackets here. We can now share clothes!


Emily said...

That bento looks yummy! Where'd you go. Love the blue coat.

Melinda said...

We went to Wonderful Sushi up at the PQ Von's shopping center. It was OK. The sushi is really cheap. Our first choice was Chopsticks in Kearny Mesa, but it was closed for Christmas eve.