Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Gerbs

The district maintenance workers were repainting part of my classroom this weekend which meant I had to take the classroom gerbils home so they wouldn't keel over from the fumes.  I usually try to ignore Copper and Oreo besides refilling their water and food, and making sure the students clean their cage.  This is in fear of becoming too attached and worrying that when a kids sticks the gerbils in his mouth, or twirls it on a chair, or shuts the door on it and kills it (like what happened with the first set of rodents) I will freak out.

The plan has now officially failed.  Once I started watching them nibble on their food it was over.  They're cute and they liked the cashews I shared with them. I tried to convince John that the gerbils would much rather enjoy a peaceful retirement in our home than be returned to their haunted existence at the middle school, but he didn't buy it.


Emily said...

I can't believe the crazy things kids who know better do! These are great pictures of you.

KM said...

Ha ha cute! I love animals! You guys need a pet.. maybe a min pin friend for Emma!??

holtkamp said...

uh oh mel! :)