Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Airing Out: Antelope Island

All pictures taken by Juanito

And then I magically managed to fall through the ice into the Great Salt (freezing!) Lake.  Of course I would. And of course it was because I was doing something stupid. Thank you Angelica for saving my camera!

We'd all been feeling a bit cooped up as of late and with excellent timing Angelica and John suggested that we take a photo excursion to Antelope Island.  It was surprisingly warm that day and after trucking through fields to get close to the bison some of us were sweating and we all took off our jackets.  It was so nice to be out in the fresh air and tromping through nature! Here's hoping for an early spring!


Emily said...

I love these pictures! Glad your camera's okay.

Melinda said...

Thanks! These are actually taken by John on his digital camera. I'll find out if my camera is alright later today when I get my test roll developed at the other shop. Fingers crossed!

Kali said...

The clouds in those pics look incredible! Very cool.

holtkamp said...

great pictures john!...how did you manage to fall through the ice mel!?!? :)