Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tied Up With String

Although I wish I could be, I am not a very crafty person. Contrary to this fact, I have discovered that I really like wrapping presents. It's kind of weird. Maybe it's my Japanese ancestry of origami. While doing a research paper in college on world religions I read somewhere that origami was first a Shinto practice. Paper folding was supposed to ingrain a reverence for the tree from which the paper was created by not making cuts. Thus true origami is that which is made from a whole piece of paper. This year I used a red and white theme for my presents. It's not the most original, but it's festive! I hope this picture doesn't spoil surprises for anyone in my family.

No we are not Mike Huckabee supporters, but we are huge Jed Henry fans :)


Amanda said...

Lovely! I really love it.

Claron doesn't want any bows this year. He says it takes Eliza too long to get them undone. Also, no new wrapping paper because of moving to Germany. So, my presents don't match. (Don't worry I'll over compensate in a few years for these cut backs.)

holtkamp said...

these look amazing mel! i love the red and white!

The Mulberry Girl said...

Ooooh! They look so pretty! I love wrapping presents too. Something relaxing about it when I don't have 300 to do!

Kali said...

haha I was totally just wondering if you were mike huckabee fans...lol. Love the present wrapping! Ryan always gives me a hard time for wanting each present to be wrapped fancy.I have to tell him it adds magic to christmas. he usually rolls his eyes;)

Adrianna said...

I must admit, a perfectly wrapped package adds so much to the gift! Your gifts look beautiful! This year, while I was taking about 15 minutes to decide on what wrapping paper to buy, Tony got so frustrated that he threw the closest tube he could find into the basket and away he went. Maybe next year my gifts can match! :)

Here are some links of pretty inspirations for future gift wrapping adventures:



Have a Merry Christmas!