Friday, December 24, 2010

Thoughts not my Own

Words from photographer Sarah Rhoads:

"The interesting thing about the holiday's is how it forces you to come face to face with where you come from. Your family. Every family has it's oddities and weird idiosyncrasies, some more fun than others. I think we know we are growing up when we can begin to pardon our families for being together through all of their weirdness. And if we can learn to pardon our families it seems as though we can learn to pardon anyone. I've been thinking a lot about that in the context of what it means to forgive and a foster deeper love for others. Maybe love & forgiveness starts with pardoning some of the weirdest people in our lives... the people we don't get to choose, our family :)

I hope you all get to go home in some way over the holiday's. It is oddly refreshing to be with people who know us in ways that no one else ever will and stand next to them and accept we come from some of the same weird DNA and love ourselves through that. I'm thankful for my weird little family. They helped make me the wonderfully weird lady I am. And this year, I am choosing to pardon... because Lord knows I need a lot of that kind of grace too."

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with those closest to you. Send a word of love to your family!

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