Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Roll Bounce

Some more of John's pictures.

Our nephew Trevor is in a roller hockey league and wanted to go skating. It totally brought back memories from college of disco skating up at Classic Skate in Orem. Good times. Well, maybe not. I've never been a fan of roller blades. They always reminded me of the Wiley Man in Airborne and guys who shave their legs. I went with the skates instead.

Some participated

While others cheered us on.
When we were dating John told me the one thing he would never EVER do with me or anyone else was skating. He's kept that promise.

I had a thought of trying a Whip it move a couple of times, but I'm not that good. I would have bitten the dust. I almost fell. A lot.

Now for the saddest skating story ever! Back in the day when I went home for the summer, my roommates who were still up at college went skating with some people from the ward and their friends. One girl was a massage therapist. Well, skating can be tricky when you don't do it often and this girl fell, but instead of catching herself with her hands, she deliberately put them behind her back! I guess she didn't want to damage her money hands. She ended knocking out all her front teeth. Ahh! I would have sacrificed the hands.


Amanda said...

OMGosh! That is the saddest skating story ever. Claron refuses to skate too... Maybe it is a Ridge thing.

holtkamp said...

ha, ha i remember that (vaguely!) so sad! i dislike ice skating and roller skating too! :)

Emily said...

Sad! I wasn't a huge roller skating fan though my friend Becca said it's my personality to like roller skating. ha. I love the shirt you're wearing.

beckie said...

I hate skating. My one thing I will never do is play volleyball.

Your shirt is cute.