Friday, December 31, 2010

And so they sat

After getting in last night at 12:30am from driving hours on icy roads and snow storms and then finding out our garage door opener was not in working with our clicker, that John had taken the set of keys without the house key, that I locked all the windows this time and breaking in wasn't an option, that going to Walmart in the wee hours to get new batteries for the clicker wasn't the answer, all the while worrying about keeping a giant corn snake warm and alive, and finally doing the rudest but most necessary thing and waking up our neighbor who had kindly agreed to gather our mail and had our house key with the mail key, we decided we don't want to do anything grandoise to ring in the New Year.

Last year I threw a small party with friends, but this year the couch is looking mighty inviting. My brother and his boys have a tradition of watching the whole LTR series on New Year's Eve. After playing several games of LTR Monopoly ("Fly you fools!") I am leaning toward using his idea. While discussing everyone's New Year's plans in the family we came up with a list of other movie marathons that would be fun. I was thinking these would be good for snow days, which are non-existent in Utah, and sick days, which I never take.

1. LTR cartoon version - Although James says he hates the Hobbit, and I hate the Lord of the Rings one because it has half weird animation and half real people and it doesn't have those awesome songs.

2. Tarantino - Dave's comment was that movie snobs love to claim Reservoir Dogs as their favorite to sound cooler since it is slightly more obscure. I've found this to be true.

3. 80's fantasy - The Dark Crystal, Legend - which has Tom Cruise in tights and UNICORNS, Labyrinth

4. Coppola, Sophia - Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette

5. A Michael Cerathon - which could consist of movies mingled with Arrested Development.

6. Wes Andersen - Darjeeling, Life Aquatic, Tenenbaums

7. Gondry - Science of Sleep, Eternal Sunshine, Be Kind Rewind which no one seems to think is funny but me :(

8. Miyazaki - Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke

9. Burton - Edward Scissor Hands, Sleepy Hollow, etc.

10. Jean-Pierre Jeunet - City of Lost Children, Amelie, Mic Macs which I still need to see!

11. Natalie Portman - The Professional, Garden State, V for Vendetta

12. Yimou Zhang - John suggested this. I think I could do Hero and Crouching Tiger, but if I had to watch To Live, Raise High the Red Lantern and Not One Less all in one sitting it might be too intense, i.e. emotionally draining for me

For Michelle: Twilight Marathon

For Lauren so she can stay up late: The Ring, The Ring Two, and Ringu

The traditional: Harry Potter, Pirates, LTR.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve whether it's spent snuggled on the couch or dancing on top of it!


holtkamp said...

we too opted for a movie marathon for new year's eve, but it wasn't themed: happy new year charlie brown, 500 days of summer and a sigur ros documentary.

i like your list! i think my favorite would be the wes anderson marathon. although my inner nerd would want an LTR marathon :)

Amanda said...

To the Anderson list I would add Fantastic Mr. Fox. Also, the Miyazaki list I would add My Neighbor Totoro (my favorite), Kiki's Delivery Service, Ponyo... Those are Eliza's favorite. She says her favorite Miyazakis in order are: Kiki, Howl, Totoro, Ponyo.

Emily said...

I told Isaac he should have a LOTR marathon. We had to pack. Boring.

Melinda said...

@Jen, I like your movie marathon. Except for maybe Charlie Brown. I tried to watch the great pumpkin episode this year and died of boredom.
@Amanda I love Totoro too, but John hates it. It's so cute though!