Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thai custard on coconut milk sticky rice

Ever since we went to Thai Orchid in Holladay I have been craving this dessert. We're supposed to be going out for Thai with Angelica and Nash next week before seeing HP7, so instead of eating dinner there again we just got the custard as take-out. This time we got two because neither of us are very good at sharing food that we really like. I know it doesn't look that great (I thought it looked kind of like a fried egg the first time), but it's so good! I tried to save a little bit so that I could eat it for breakfast the next morning.


A.S.H said...

Is that the restaurant near a movie theater? If so, I love that place. John and I went there for dinner right after I got my corolla. We need to go there again!

holtkamp said...

i have yet to find a good thai place out here :( and yes, that does look like a fried egg! ha,ha

Melinda said...

@Angelica I don't think it's one near a movie theater? It's off the 215 near Mary's Bridal (that first place we went to try on wedding dresses that one day).