Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Which reminds me of that MIA song. We're flying from cold (5 degrees this morning!) to more cold (Denver!) for Thanksgiving. The arctic blizzard last night was a huge let down. I was so excited because I'd never experienced a blizzard before. I had dreams of 4 foot drifts and I was dancing and singing about it at home, but then nothing major happened. Oh well. One day. I think all the teachers were very hopeful for a snow day and I was hoping for some time to pack. Instead I played in the annual faculty vs. student soccer game, graded late work like mad, and then rushed home to shower, pack, and floor it to the air port with John. I don't know of any other school district that makes their students and teachers go to school up to Thanksgiving day. My niece and nephews and their parents already left for Paris, Amsterdam, London, and Rome last week for their break. I'm super jealous, but also very happy for them. In the meantime I will be looking forward to the coziness of my in-laws' super basement, a delicious home cooked Thanksgiving meal, and playing with Sarah, Matthew, Trevor and Ryan. Hooray for family!

We had high hopes tonight of being either thoroughly patted down or going through the body scanners, but they didn't even use them! I guess that's a good thing, but there was so much commotion about them that I was actually really wanting to experience it. In my excitement, I forgot to take out my Delta 3200 film from my pocket and I'm afraid it's ruined now. Also, as we're sitting here in the airport it is eerily empty. I thought the day before Thanksgiving was supposed to be one of the biggest travel days of the year. At least I have some time to finish Asher Lev now.

In other parts of the country, my younger sister and her husband are buying their first home. I'm so excited for them! That means I have another place to stay when I visit San Diego. Hehe! Just kidding . . . or maybe not. More excuses for trips to warmer climes.

The lack of pictures of late is due to the types of film I've been using. I need to send it all in to the lab.

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KM said...

I cant believe you had school up until wed! Sounds like the airport wasnt bad at all..weird! Im glad you guys had fun. We need to plan a christmas party!