Monday, November 29, 2010

Ping Pong Playa

Have you seen that movie? It's kind of ridiculous, but hilarious at times when it makes fun of stereotypical Asian-ness.

These are some of John's digital pictures from our Thanksgiving vacation in Denver. While the boys got violent at the ping pong table the girls played princesses. Sarah must have a thousand princess outfits between her closet and the one at John's parents' house. And she tried on all but one for me.

(These pictures have a lot of noise. One of my annoyances with the digital camera when it combines with low/bad lighting and our lack of Photoshop skills, or lack of Photoshop in general.
I wish these were on nice BW film - like the kind I left in my pocket at the security checkpoint - with some light desirable grain.)


holtkamp said...

ha, ha i hadn't heard of that movie! looks likes you guys had a great trip! :)

Emily said...

I'd never heard of the movie either. :) Looks like a FUN TIME!