Friday, November 19, 2010


Which I always use interchangeably with the Ilford film, HP5, in conversations. I wasn't brave enough to do the midnight showing last night. I have to teach and be energetic and all that stuff for my students on Fridays. Anyways, we're going tonight for the 10:30pm showing in Provo. That will be difficult enough for me to stay up for! We'll also be having a yummy Thai dinner before. I can't wait!

I've been pleasantly surprised recently with Emma Watson (Hermione). The new pixie cut she's rockin' is super chic and reminds me a little of Twiggy. I wish I could pull off that length. Curse you girls with the perfect facial bone structure! I've also been enjoying Emma's fashion choices on the red carpet along with her Burberry adds.

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holtkamp said...

how'd you like it? we also saw it last night at 10:30...