Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grandpa Alf's 90th

We spent our Halloween partying with Grandpa Alf and his friends. John's mom and all the uncles on that side flew in for the celebration. It fun catching up with family. A few things that made this party unique:
  1. We met the fabled Mary Saldute - this is a family thing.
  2. It took a long time to get food and get back to our seats because some of the older people either couldn't hear us or didn't care to scoot out of the main walkways.
  3. There was a man who asked for a raise of hands for "who likes Obama here?!" and then passed out propaganda whether people raised their hands or not. Kind of an strange thing to do at a friend's birthday party . . .
  4. After answering an elderly, non-Asian man that I didn't speak Japanese, he then proceeded to speak Japanese to me non-stop. Weird weird weird. John's mom saved me by complimenting him on his skills after which he began on a long story of his stay in Japan.
  5. I got to meet one of John's great uncles. He was really sweet.


Amanda said...

As always, great pictures! Thanks for posting. Doug always looks so happy when he's with Mary. It is sweet.

holtkamp said...

yeah mel! great pictures! i wish i had your talent.

Lilly said...

Love the pics. I was going to say the same as Amanda, the one of Doug and Mary is the best!