Saturday, November 6, 2010

El Pato

There once was a guy nick-named Pato who the girls and I used to play soccer with in Provo Saturday morning pick-up games. Anyway, we had a relaxing Saturday. Slept in, exercised (John exercised), ran some errands, and fed the ducks. Feeding the ducks is kind of a tradition in my family. My mom would always save old bread in the outside freezer and she and my dad would take us to Poway Lake or Miramar Lake to feed the quackers. The last time we went in San Diego with the nieces and nephews all the ducks were full and lazy. These ones near the Jordan River were ravenous. It was a duck eat duck fight to the death!

Also, Western Family brand bread at 97 cents a loaf ain't half bad! We ate a good share of the bread ourselves.

* I was testing out the consumer grade 24 exp. Kodak BW400CN from Walgreens because it was cheap and also to see if it developed the same as the stuff sold in the professional stores in 36 exp. It is the same.


Kali said...

I like your duck picture!

holtkamp said...

what about lechuga!?!

Anne said...

Beautiful photos as usual! I say that everytime but wow, I love looking at them! By the way, your boots are hot! Love them! It's still flip flop weather around here (so silly, I'm totally ready for the fall clothes!)

beckie said...

I love your boots. Man, I wish I could squeeze myself into a pair of skinny jeans.