Monday, November 15, 2010

Draper Wetland Park

These are the pictures John took during our excursion to the Wetland Park. Since the immediate response to cold weather in Utah is to bundle up indoors, I've been trying to find places to go that will take us outside. I had this handy birding site saved from my biology class at BYU and figured that if there are birds there are usually also trees and trees equal pretty nature. We didn't feed anything this time though and John kept scaring off the Canada geese. Those things are flighty!

After walking around, taking some photos, and getting thoroughly cold, we had a nice dinner at Em's on Capitol Hill. We tried to go there a year ago, but for some reason it was closed or we couldn't tell that it was open. I had Morgan Valley Lamb and it was delicious! John thinks it's ironic that I love animals so much but will devour rack of lamb with so much gusto.


holtkamp said...

looks amazing! i love all your pictures!

Emily said...

I agree with John about the lamb! ha. What fun pictures.