Thursday, October 21, 2010


Jonathan Canlas' philosophy on good photography (found on his formspring forum):

You want to know the "secret" to being a successful photographer?


That is what will make your work stand out from the crowd. not a gimmicky action that will be dated in a decade. straight forward honest photography that speaks to a viewer trumps images with actions/layers applied that look "cool".

Not that I have plans to be a professional in this field. Goodness knows how much more school I feel would be necessary to reach that level, but it's good advice.

On another note, some random dorkiness: Brandon Sanderson will be at the Provo Library Saturday, October 30th from 12-4pm as part of Teen Bookfest. Oh yeah!


holtkamp said...

hmm...those are good tips? is sanderson from utah?!

Melinda said...

Yeah! Sanderson graduated from BYU and lives somewhere in Utah Valley. John is weirded out by the idea that I'd want to meet him.

Tara said...

The tips sound good, but difficult to attain as you would have a hard time make a goal to be suddenly good at all those things...
You should tell Brandon that I've started a fan club in Alaska. Well, not really, but I've gotten quite a few people to read his stuff. My husband thinks hes the best writer ever.

Tara said...

Not that you aren't already good at photography, just that the "mastered" idea seems difficult.

Melinda said...

Very true Tara! I guess I was looking at it with the perspective of concentrating on those things, things I can do with my cameras instead of worrying that I don't have Photoshop 5 or spending time making my pictures look like an old Polaroid.

And that is awesome that you've started a Sanderson following in Alaska! Have you read Way of Kings yet?