Friday, October 1, 2010


After the long nights of parent-teacher conferences, this three day weekend was bliss!

Friday: 30 minute massage at the Aveda Life Spa. Sky, who was my masseur, was kind enough to show me a stretch to counteract the hunch and strain caused by hours of grading at a desk. I don't want to be Quasimodo when I'm older! I think a massage needs to be at least an hour to be thoroughly relaxing, but I was trying to be frugal. This is the second one I've had in my life. I also bought supplies to make a scrap book to donate to this project. I am terrible at scrap booking, so mine is going to be super simple, but I am eager to try nonetheless. Later that afternoon, John and I went to the lake to scout the light for photo shoots.

Saturday: Conference. My favorite talks that day were David McConkie's talk about teaching - so applicable to secular teaching as well - and Dietier Uchtdorf's talk. I was also excited about the new temple announcements. Lisbon, Portugal was John's mission, the Philippines was mine, and Tijuana is close to my hometown. While my dad and John went to the priesthood session my mom and I had a girl's night of shopping! Great deals on clothes in the juniors section of Nordstrom's. Brass Plum can be good for inexpensive basics. I also exchanged a dress I had purchased earlier in the summer at Anthro. for a skirt, so it felt like it was free. We later met the men for a delicious dinner at Cocina Toscana.

Sunday: Uplifting Conference talks part 2. A phone call with a friend. A dinner made through Angelica's authentic Mexican "recipes": taquitos de papas, fresh pico de gallo, queso fresco, and horchata.

I love having my mom and dad visit. It makes me want to live in San Diego (but honestly, everything makes me wish I lived there).


holtkamp said...

sounds like a great weekend! i like that project too, julianne is going to save the world! :)

Kali said...

oooh sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! and a massage after parent teacher conferences... that is bliss.