Sunday, October 31, 2010


Another Cherry Blossom Girl picture! I can't help it. I love her style. I thought her costume ideas were glamorous, not cutesy or slutty, and they were created mostly out of vintage clothing pieces. They were outfits I'd feel classy in at a party.

I didn't really dress up this year. The end of the quarter fell right before Halloween and I was consumed with thoughts of grading. School has been a lot more hectic this year than in the pass. There always seems that there's something we're supposed to be working on in addition to our regular classroom responsibilities. On the school's Halloween dress-up day I brought in my kimono and accessories, but realized I had forgotten the appropriate sandals to wear with the get-up. As a quick second idea I grabbed a lab coat, latex gloves, graduated cylinder, and pair of goggles from the stock room and was a scientist. It was not exciting, but the kids thought it was cool.

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holtkamp said...

i like those costumes too :) i remember when your kids thought i was a scientist when i said i majored in 'exercise science' ha, ha!