Friday, September 10, 2010

Tarte Stain

I first bought this product the week before my wedding. I got the "Blushing Bride" shade purely for the name and the promise on the back that "the honeymoon will never end when you've got the serene glow of a bride-to-be". I also thought it looked like a juicy raspberry push pop and I'm a sucker for packaging.

I use this product primarily as a lip stain. It goes on sheer and delivers the "I just ate a cherry Popsicle" look. I like that it doesn't get concentrated in patches of dry skin like liquid stains can. The gel-like formula of the Tarte stain also ensures that you don't get the infamous waxy white ring around your lips in an hour. I usually pair this with Victoria Secret's lip gloss in candy apple to help the color adhere for longer and to give it a punchy look, but even a clear gloss would work well. The one downside of the formula is that it does not last very long. Reapplication in a few hours will be necessary.

One day I'll have to try it as a cheek stain. I've tried a couple of times, but I'm not skilled in applying non-powder cheek color. When I do it on myself it ends up looking like clown make-up or nothing at all.


whitney allison said...

Applying non-powder to the cheeks is SO tricky. I rarely get it right...therefore I rarely try anymore.

beckie said...

yes, I have the same product and I never use it as a cheek stain. I hate that wet feeling on my face. But I love the way this smells.

holtkamp said...

you are brave to try this! it looks so nice, but i am scared to stray from powder :)

Anne said...

I used to love the Vincent Longo stain but they don't make it anymore- I'm going to have to try this stuff!