Thursday, September 23, 2010

Officially Fall

Yesterday was the first day of fall! I'm looking forward to all the goodness of tights and boots, apple cider, doughnuts, Tim Burton movies, and crisp air. I also need to start thinking of a good Halloween costume: Cherita Chen or Knives Chau? Decisions, decisions.I need something Asian so it looks more authentic. Last year I was a . . . Japanese girl! Ehehe! Yeah, I wanted to fulfill everyone's expectations, so it was semi-cultural, semi-ironic.


holtkamp said...

dave's favorite season is fall, and i'm starting to really love it too! i think you should be knives!

Emily said...

I love fall! I just wish it was longer than a few weeks. (ie no snow and gorgeous leaves!). Your costume last year sounds awesome. I will admit I don't know who you're deciding between this year so I'm no help.