Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After stressing Sunday night away, having dreams of trying to outrun wind swept hills of fire, and waking up twice with coughing fits, it was nice to have a day off from school yesterday. Today as we return to our classrooms with views of blackened hills and smoke particles being cleared from the air the smells bring back memories of summer campfires.

Our nephew Matthew was my roasting helper this summer. I like mine all over golden but always seem to achieve the all over scorched look. I've been on a terrible junk food kick lately of giant Jet-puffed marshmallows, chili cheese fritos, and lemon San Pelligrino. Gross, I know.


Emily said...

I'm glad you are safe!

Anonymous said...

Are we twins seperated at birth? I too have been loving Giant marshmallows (my kids eat them like apples) and Chili Cheese Fritos. I could (and have) eat Chili Cheese Fritos every single day! Wash them down with a Rockstar and you have the breakfast of champions:)

Melinda said...

Desiree, that is so cool! I think those chips have crack in them :)