Monday, September 20, 2010

Herriman Burning

Last night was not the peaceful Sunday that we usually experience. The "Machine Gun Fire" in our community had everyone in the neighborhood on edge. At first there were the casual viewings of the smoke rising from the mountains which quickly turned into more panicked and nervous observations. We started gathering our important documents, just in case we were called to evacuate. With the coming of the morning (reminds me of the scene were Gandolf the white arrives with the Rohan cavalry at Helms Deep) things seem a lot safer. Our prayers and hearts go out to those whose homes still stand in the way of the flames and we are so thankful for the brave and dedicated firefighters, some of whom we know as neighbors, for protecting our community.

School is canceled today which is a double good thing because I think I'm getting sick. A few things we learned we need to do from last night:

  1. Make copies or scans of our important documents (wedding certificates, birth certificates, Patriarchal blessings, etc.)
  2. Get insurance for the interior of our house.
  3. Keep the important documents in one place/box for quick retrieval - John created a nice four foot tower of shoe boxes that contained things as various as car titles to "nice notes" to people's old wedding announcements. Somehow I think the old mail isn't going to be so helpful if our house ever burns.
  4. Create a quick evacuation method for my wardrobe. Haha! That's just me being me. John was appalled that I would even consider taking my clothes. We actually both said we'd probably grab our cameras first.


Anonymous said...

I'd probably rescue my camera and laptop before I would my cats...Is that bad?

molly said...

You have so many great clothes, I am appalled at John for being appalled at you!

Kali said...

I can't believe that! So scary! I am glad that all looks safe. Cameras are important and wherever you store all your great photos!

holtkamp said...

crazy stuff mel! i'm glad you guys are ok!