Monday, September 27, 2010

Fairly Well

The Utah State Fair. Well, I think in my head it's always going to be a lot more fun than it actually is. We couldn't find the loaded hot dogs John likes and settled for some cheap and nasty foot longs instead. So not like the delicious foot longs they have in the Philippines. The Filipinos do hot dogs right! So does J-Dawgs.

All the animal enclosures were super crowded. They made the rabbitry a lot smaller than it used to be. I was sad about that. But, the English lops they had there were the nicest out of all the other breeds of rabbits and it really made me miss Bella and want to buy another bunny. John said no.

I was slightly astonished how people seemed to loose all sense of self-respect around the animals. Grown men shouting,"Wilbur! Oink!Oink!" and pulling up their noses were interesting and loud.

There was no devouring of cotton candy and funnel cake because we both felt sick after eating the hot dogs.

There was also no romantic ferris wheel ride. It was so hot that standing in line to get on and paying $10 for a few minutes didn't seem worth it. Plus we were still sick from those hot dogs.

I've been slow to finish that roll of film. It's been a little crazy lately with trying to get my curriculum taught before I'm supposed to test on this unit (we lost a school day due to the fire) and Parent-teacher conferences are coming up. That means I get to fill out 215 assessments for each student by hand. But, I'm looking forward to my parents coming next week! Conference, eating good food, shopping and pedicures!


Emily said...

I love that picture of you and your skirt. We were also disappointed in our fair. Granted, it was smaller than the Utah State Fair. So excited for your upcoming weekend! Did you see my post about Isaac's homecoming? I got a funny (although slightly blurry) picture of your dad.

Kristen said...

I romanticize the fair also. If only all the weird people would leave and the movie set people would walk on then I could enjoy it.

holtkamp said...

i normally love fairs too, those with funnel cake! :)