Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bobby vs. Bobby

I still need to finish my current roll of film, so until then here are some oldies from the summer.
I'm also storing up my medium format film to get developed and scanned at a pro lab.

Lauren's cockatoo loves John.


whitney allison said...

Did you just refer to your husband as Bobby? I'm so happy! Ha ha.

Amanda said...

So I just showed the pics to Claron and not the text. He was sooooo... jealous! Then I told him that the bird was not John's. He was still a little jealous. Claron loves, loves, loves cockatoos, and we have yet to meet one who doesn't adore Claron.

John said...

Maybe it will make Claron feel better to know that the bird mostly just loved my mole. It kept trying to bite it off.