Monday, August 30, 2010

She & Him

Salt Lake City Arts Council puts on a program in the summers called Twilight Concerts in the Park. They're completely free! In the past they've had such musicians as Jenny Lewis and Modest Mouse. The last concert of the season this year was She and Him. Even though it was after the first day of school and I'm always exhausted from reassuring scared 12 years olds, I simply could not pass up an opportunity to see such a performance for free.

On Thursday, I left school right at 3pm, changed, and drove with John to Pioneer park. There was no one there! Awesome, I thought. We parked right at the curb, walked to Gateway mall for dinner at Costa Vida, and then entered the park (sans line) and read books on a picnic blanket for 2 hours. This was the blissful experience I had always dreamed of. Good music outdoors with no crowds. We also had a free tres leches cake to devour. The opening band came on and more picnic blankets started to surround us. By the time it was twilight the park was packed. Everyone started standing and smashing together and all those bodies plus the summer weather made it super hot.

I've been to a few big concerts in my life, but honestly I'm not a fan. I much prefer smaller venues. I hate HATE large crowds. I get antsy and claustrophobic. Sometimes shows with faster paced music are nice because the audience can release the pent up anxiety, excitement, and claustrophia through dancing and moshing. You can also push the rude person in front of you and they'll probably go sailing happily into the pit while giving you a thumbs up and a smile. A larger "chill" concert, not so much. You just have to put up with the rudeness.

Last night there were some girls that made me wish I was back at a Rancid show. They shoved me and a few others hard, pretending like they were going somewhere, and then purposely wedged right in front my face. So, for a little while I got a great view of a thick greasy braid and the overwhelming patchouli aroma wafting from the body in front of me. I think they knew I wasn't happy about it because one of them kept looking nervously back at me. I admit, I fingered my pocket knife, considered squirting my lotion all over the girl, and spent the time period of two songs wondering if I could take the girl down in a fight. In certain rare circumstances I can be a mentally violent person. I'm small and quiet and when I feel people are taking advantage of my littleness I have a secret rage that wells up against them. Be assured that I haven't ever carried out any of these mental atrocities.

It was good though. It was good! I simmered down. Zooey is a good live performer and her voice is just as lovely in person as in recordings. M. Ward rocked. They played a lot of numbers off their new album and included a fun little rendition of a Beach Boy's song. We left tired, but satisfied and stopped for Slurpees and Hi-chew before heading home. Yes, they now sell Hi-chew at 7-11!

So, Twilight Concerts . . . free, good music, crowded, and maybe I need to get some disappearing ink to squirt. It might help mitigate that silent anger towards the rude people.


holtkamp said...

you should have shoved them! how rude!...just kidding! well....

Emily said...

You should've accidentally bumped into her! Ha. I do like the disappearing ink idea! I didn't know they have hi-chews at 7-11. Too bad there aren't any here.

Kristen said...

Melinda - I do that same thing. Think silently what I would *like* to do but would never ever really do! She & Him is a cool band - glad you got to see them!

beckie said...

That was by same beef with the twilight concert series-too many people--and I also hate crowds. Its just not worth it.

We went to one last year and I was pregnant and miserable. And being smooched. But I elbowed people. People tend to back down from the sweaty pregnant lady with fire in her eyes